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Subject: Re: Why won't Allegro 3.11 and GRX compile under Windows 98 ?
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jdm wrote:
> I have DJGPP set up on both my computer at work and at home.  My work
> computer runs Windows 95, and I compiled Allegro and GRX with no
> problems on it.  But when I try to compile them at home, they both
> tell me I can't compile them under this operating system.  Is there a
> define I can change or an environment variable I can set to get them
> to compile?

The message, obviously, is bogus.  It probably means that whatever
mechanism is used to detect DJGPP hasn't found it, usually because of a
messed-up installation.  Have you installed everything you need, and set
the DJGPP environment variable?

Nate Eldredge
nate AT cartsys DOT com

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