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Subject: Where are defined __builtin_delete, __throw, in the standart version of crt0
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Hi all,

My message will certainly be long but necessary to be sure I give you right
information about what I need.

I have made an asm bootloader, based on the fact, that this bootloader read
the OS Startup executable file on a standart file system ( ie DOS FAT16 ).
But this OS Startup file need to be a 16 bits raw binary executable.
Because, I choose to developpe under DOS with DJGPP and would like my OS
Startup source code be written in C++, I 've just made a sample "hello,
world " C++ source code. I compiled it
with -no-startfiles -nodefaultlibrary -no-stdc, so what it normally happened
is the fact that some symbols was not defined at linked step. This is what I
wanted to happen !!! So the linker complain about some sysmbols not defined
list next :

__eh_pc (I'm not sure, I don't remember this one)
and finally a function "terminate(void)" with no return type.

My goal, is to use when ever possible a hight level language like C++ to
write all my OS code. I know I can make a COM DOS file and run it because of
its similary binary raw code format, but it's even  a DOS file because of
the startup (crt0) and I don't want to have this stuff on my OS. So, I want
to write the smallest crt0 need by DJGPP GNU C++ compiler.

Because I know, I have to rewrite the crt0 startup object file( to defined
entry point by example), I wanted to defined those symbols with the corret
syntax( like the linker attend to find those, but I can't find definition of
them on any sources. I suppose those are defined in the source of package
gpp281, but I can't find the file

Does my supposition is right ?

Anyone can give me solution ?

Thanks in advance

Special note to DJ Delorie : thanks for 0xdeadbeef !!!! ;-)))


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