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Subject: RSXNTDJ 1.5 & WinAllegro 3.0+WIP - help!
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I've got DJGPP 2.02 & RSXNTDJ 1.5 working fairly well (GRC breaks on
some of the
samples), but I'm having a hard time getting WinAllegro 3.0+WIP to work.
Here is
a summary of my setup:

  Operating system     : Win98
  Environment variables: set DJGPP=C:\DJGPP\DJGPP.ENV
                         set RSXNTDJ=c:\djgpp\rsxntdj
  Corrections: - added RSXNTDJ include & library paths to djgpp.env
               - recompiled %RSXNTDJ%/source/emx4w32/winmain.c with
missing __ASM__ statement

In order to make the examples and the demo in the WinAllegro directory,
I changed the compiler setting in the respective makefiles from CC = gcc
to CC = gccw32. I also removed the -Zwin32 switches. This caused an
internal error message in allegro.h, which I think is being caused
by the lack of a __DJGPP__ directive. I got a bit further by messing
around with the code,
but I still can't get the examples nor the demo to compile cleanly, let
alone execute.
If someone who has succesfully gotten the newest versions of WinAllegro
& RSXNTDJ 1.5 to work
together could please enlighten me, I'd be most appreciative!


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