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On Thu, 08 Jul 1999 00:37:35 +1000, in comp.os.msdos.djgpp you wrote:
> Well, I'm new to this type of programming, so could anyone out there
> direct me to a good tutorial, or something that could help me get
> started?  I've downloaded and installed everything, but its all a bit
> daunting, and I've got no idea where to start.
> Michael Shay
> mj DOT shay AT student DOT qut DOT edu DOT au
Hello Michael,

the FAQ and all the documentation (the texinfo files etc.)
coming with DJGPP are good to learn how to write C 
programs with DJGPP.

To learn how to write C programs in the first place I 
recommend working through Kernighan/Ritchie:
'The C Programming Language'. Thats how I learned
it, and it worked.

I'm by no means an experienced C programmer but I
know how to get along, how to get the jobs done
in C. Have fun at exploring C! It's all at your hands!



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