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On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Curtis, Craig M. wrote:

> It seems that the configure script is screwed up, because it cannot find gcc
> for DJGPP.

The GNU configure scripts need some minor tweaking to make them run on 
DOS/Windows.  You need to replace "test -f" with "test -x", and you need 
to set PATH_SEPARATOR=: in the environment, otherwise the script won't
find GCC.

>  Also, if I run configure on a Linux box and copy over the
> makefile, I get bizarre crashes when I try to make.  I get the following
> error when I try make:
> make.exe: [devel] Error -1 (ignored)
> \tmp/dj100000: Can't make pipes for command substitution!

This usually means your TMPDIR variable either isn't set or points to a 
non-existent or unwritable directory.  Bash uses temporary files to 
simulate pipes and `command` substitutions.

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