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Subject: Re: How to change Executable format to my own?
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 99 13:26:20 +0000
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Hi there,
Thankx for the information, I will look into the linker script. I think I might
have to clarify the format that I am wanting. I am planning to make _two_
segments in protected mode. Each of which, will be two seperate segments, both
with the start for addressing at zero. One will hold the program, and the other
will hold the data for the program. This was, the program will not be able to
overwrite program code by accident, as the data pointers will point to a
different segment.

Anyway, thankx again,


> Sorry, I don't understand.  How can two sections begin at the same 
> address (zero)?
> Right now, the DJGPP memory layout is: first code, then data,
> then bss.  This layout is defined in the lib/djgpp.djl linker script.

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