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Subject: Re: Help with compiling FSU pthreads in Win98
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On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Franco Antico wrote:

>     After this I took a first glance at the Makefile itself, and it seems
> the directory slashes are all the wrong ones for DOS (indicated by Invalid
> switch?).

Seems like you are right: COPY doesn't understand forward slashes.  I 
wonder how did that work for someone?

>     Now the configure.bat warns that:
> This DOS port assumes filename of style 8.3 (8 chars base name, 3 ext)
> It may only work correctly under Windows95 if the Makefile is edited.
>     Ok, but what do I edit? A bunch of the sources have long
> file names. How do I get around this?

You need to rename them to their 8+3 short names.

There's a way to do that automatically, but it requires to change the 
setting of the NameNumericTail feature via the Registry, see section 
22.18 of the DJGPP FAQ list for details.

But it might be worthwhile to simply try to compile the sources on 
Windows.  Perhaps the amount of problems will be small, and you will; be 
able to figure them out and correct them one by one.  Just don't expect 
everything to go smoothly and make sure you understand and investigate 
any warning/error messages you see.

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