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Subject: Re: Why won't Allegro 3.11 and GRX compile under Windows 98 ?
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On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Steven Taylor wrote:

> As far as I know, when installing and running DJGPP, you need long filename
> support.

Not true.  DJGPP can be used either on Windows 9X, and then it supports 
long file names, or in plain DOS and Windows 3.X, in which case it works 
with the usual short 8+3 DOS names.

> Why does DJGPP come with so many long filenames? I have no idea.

It comes with long file names for Windows 9X users.  When you unzip the 
files on DOS or Windows 3.X, the long names are automatically truncated 
by the OS to their 8+3 limits.

> I think it stinks

Thank you so much for this wonderful token of appreciation of all the
hard work that went into DJGPP in general, and in transparent support of 
both long and short file names in particular!

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