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On Mon, 5 Jul 1999, David Dean - [DS]Deaner666 wrote:

> What's the policy for posting messages to this group? Is there a FAQ?

The FAQ is available on-line (
and as a downloadable zip file which you could install and read on
your local machine (v2/ from the same place where you get
DJGPP).  The FAQ is not posted to the news group because it is too
large for that.

Note that the FAQ doesn't discuss the policy of posting messages,

> Only I
> wanted some help with some code I've written, but its larger than most
> examples I have seen here, and wasn't sure if it would be polite of me......

As a rule of thumb, anything longer than 200 lines is probably too
long.  It is usually better to make the code as small as you can.  Try
to remove everything that isn't essential, but so that the problem is
still there.  If at all possible, try posting a complete program that
can be compiled by others, and yet is short enough to not require
hours of studying.  But if the problem goes away if you change the
code, post only the fragment that seems to cause the trouble.

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