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Thanks to Nate for his response.  It solved my problem which was the exact
one that Christopher was having.  I also installed djgpp from cd and for
some reason it didn't put stubify.exe in my bin directory.  Bizzaro World.

Kevin Winegardner
Technical Support
DigiSys, Inc.
301 First Ave E
Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 257-4638
Nate Eldredge <nate AT cartsys DOT com> wrote in message
news:377E4A78 DOT 384FE49F AT cartsys DOT com...
> Christopher West wrote:
> >
> > OK, another newbie here.  I've loaded up DJGPP and RHIDE from a CD.
> > added DJGPP to my path, and I've included the DJGPP environment
> > I've enabled long file names and I've added the new line for RHIDE in
> > DJGPP.ENV file.   The 'hello world' program compiles cleanly, but I'm
> > getting a message saying 'can't exec stubify - no such file or
> > I've checked and stubify.c exists in the /stub subdirectory.  Can anyone
> > tell me what else I need to do?  Note:  I've read the FAQ and the RHIDE
> > documentation - I'm still lost.  Thanks.
> Do you have stubify.exe in the bin directory?  That's what matters.
> stubify.c is its source.
> --
> Nate Eldredge
> nate AT cartsys DOT com

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