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Denis Lamarche wrote:

> Yes!..that is what I meant.  Ive done that with the functions, but when
> I try to do it with the variables, my compiler (DJGPP for dos) keeps
> telling me that I cannot assign the pointer of my variable to a pointer
> because it is not constant.
> struct vars
> {
> char *vname;
> double *var;
> };
> struct vars variables[]
> = {
>   *drive,
>   *room,
>   *picture,
>   *house
>   };
> and this does not work.

    Well, I don't think I know what you mean.  Could you post the EXACT error message
that gcc gives you?  Your 'variables' array should be initialized as follows:

double drive, room,picture,house;

struct vars
char *vname;
double *var;

struct vars variables[]
= {
  {"drive", &drive},
  {"room", &room},
  {"picture", &picture},
  {"house", &house}

     -Rolf Campbell (39)3-6318

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