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00:40:13 Re: Syntax Highlighting (Jonathan & Shandra Wiebe)
00:52:02 Linear addressing using brk() and sbrk() (Bruce Hoyt)
01:02:21 Someone, please help me with an Allegro problem. (Kevin P. Soucy)
04:43:50 Re: current version of djgpp problem (
05:33:20 GRX 2.3 / Linux / X11: Colormanagement (root)
05:38:13 Nasm Inline w/ DJGPP (Jimmy Rose)
05:48:27 Re: public key information (Matthew Haley)
09:48:23 Re: C++ "Hello World" compiling problem (Lukasz 'Shufla' Nowak)
10:14:22 GUI???? (Larry Chambers)
11:36:53 Re: file reading problem (nicolas.gasnier)
12:06:30 Re: can't get started (Vince McCarthy)
12:28:16 current version of djgpp problem (
12:43:17 Re: Sound C++ with DJGPP (
12:51:17 Re: gas + pand (Michal)
13:18:07 Re: Problem with RHIDE (
13:18:07 Re: public key information (Davin McCall)
13:18:08 Re: erm...DJGPP trouble (
14:52:42 Some nice questions!! (one of them is silly!) (Mohamed Saad)
14:57:17 Bash 2.03 beta update (Mark E.)
16:16:51 Error when compiling (CaKoOn)
16:46:46 Re: Allegro problem!! (Nebuchadnezzar)
17:06:53 file reading problem (nicolas.gasnier)
17:26:53 Re: can't get started (Manni Heumann)
18:26:50 SFL Library ( from ) (Vladislav Straka)
18:31:34 DJGPP specific strcpy() error (I1269U)
18:31:34 DJGPP specific strcpy() error (I1269U)
19:06:51 Randomness - good enough for dice games? (Jonas Kölker)
19:57:08 Re: Randomness - good enough for dice games? (Pavlos)
20:21:46 Yet another Allegro problem (Alain Van der Eycken)
20:31:46 Re: Procedyre to compress, and decompress files. (Bart Alewijnse)
22:01:50 Why are there *.exe and g*.exe in fileutils3.16 (Wei-Xue Shi)
23:48:52 Re: Bison and particular expressions. (Endlisnis)

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