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06:10:45 SOCKETS: E-mail (Daniel)
06:10:46 Re: Dinamic allocation (Antonius Steinkamp)
08:47:00 running DJGPP programs in DOSEMU ? (Felix Natter)
09:06:55 need help compiling (Tom Macie)
13:58:47 RE: Dinamic allocation (Gustavo Niemeyer)
14:16:45 Re: sound cards(Allegro) (Gene)
15:27:05 Re: Trade some home-made games? (Steven Taylor)
15:31:49 Re: Help: new OS (Steven Taylor)
15:31:50 One-Key Entries (Woogie)
15:36:34 Re: Sound C++ with DJGPP (Steven Taylor)
15:36:43 Re: Sound C++ with DJGPP (Steven Taylor)
15:42:03 Testing (Paul Richards)
15:51:46 Maths expression parser, compilation problems (Ivor Blockley)
16:02:02 Building a cross compiler (Charles Krug)
17:10:17 Re: running DJGPP programs in DOSEMU ? (Peter Allen)
17:22:05 RE: One-Key Entries (Gustavo Niemeyer)
18:28:02 Re: X and GNOME ports. (Alexander Bokovoy)
20:21:07 Re: Dinamic allocation (Erik Berglund)
21:11:41 Setting up c++ headers (sephiroth)
21:42:05 Re: Can I access TCP/IP sockets inside DOS extenders? (Steven Taylor)
22:44:23 RE: Dinamic allocation (Gustavo Niemeyer)
22:54:20 RE: Setting up c++ headers (Gustavo Niemeyer)

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