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03:42:11 ANNOUNCE: Animentration v3.0/Universal Installation Program (Marvin G Wise Jr)
06:05:39 Re: system requirements? (Johan Henriksson)
07:55:43 Re: Linus Torvalds - a great man (
07:55:43 Re: Best NT port of gnu file and text utils? (
08:03:13 Re: ****** rhide (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
08:31:57 I cannot compile "who" program. (Vladimir Mosgalin)
09:36:09 CRTC timing (Simon Strandgaard)
10:17:54 Re: CRTC timing (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
11:13:51 Disabling ^C (taupin)
11:27:17 Re: Disabling ^C (DJ Delorie)
11:40:32 Re: BOOL as char/int (Rafael García)
11:45:22 Win allegro (CORNU.Nicolas)
12:00:30 Re: timer functions 2 (Paul Richards)
12:46:00 Generate Dll files (Stefan Eriksson)
12:55:18 Re: DFE98 (Arthur)
13:35:26 IPX routines in DJGPP (avi)
14:00:35 Memory Allocation (Zsolt Hegyi)
14:12:34 Re: Generate Dll files (Johan Henriksson)
14:25:52 Re: Memory Allocation (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
14:29:07 Re: watching bool in RHIDE (Robert Hoehne)
15:40:51 Challenge for C++ programmers: (David Whitcombe)
16:29:28 Re: __dpmi_yield (Adam Schrotenboer)
16:34:58 Re: DJGPP: the future is... forward? (Adam Schrotenboer)
16:35:26 Re: polygon fill implementaion and theory (Radu Georgescu aka skoola)
17:13:06 RELOC_REL32 (Christopher Nelson)
17:20:17 Re: DJGPP: the future is... forward? (Kelly Harrelson)
17:25:22 problem exiting rhide (R.H.)
17:44:30 Re: RELOC_REL32 (DJ Delorie)
18:38:58 Re: RELOC_REL32 (Christopher Nelson)
19:33:05 Re: RELOC_REL32 (DJ Delorie)
20:05:14 Re: I cannot compile "who" program. (Nate Eldredge)
23:41:02 Re: FORMAT A: /U crashes BASH and Windows 98 (Daniel Barker)

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