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Subject: help a student, again !
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Thank you to all who have answered to my questions.

I still have the problem on how to use a library with rhide1.4.
Library called libengsim.a is in directory c:\Matlab5\tesi\4_99\10; so I
have set Options/Directories/Libraries to c:/Matlab5/tesi/4_99/10 and
Options/Libraries to engsim with X. Again when I link I have errors
Undefined reference to ... ) in all files who needs libengsim.a. I've seen
that the full sintax used to link is

gcc -Lc:/Matlab5/tesi/4_99/10 -o main.exe main.o -lengsim -lstdcx

Is something wrong ?

Thank you.

Giancarlo Penza
penza AT tin DOT it
gpenza AT tiscalinet DOT it

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