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From: Chris Jones <chris DOT jones AT ucl DOT ac DOT uk>
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Subject: Re: SIGSEGV problem with DJGPP (deleting array)
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 01:35:57 GMT
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In article <199904132318 DOT TAA05382 AT envy DOT delorie DOT com>,
  djgpp AT delorie DOT com wrote:
> >         double *ptr2= new double [size+1];
> >	  ...
> >         delete [] ptr;
> I hope you meant ptr2 here.
> >         double *ptr=new double [size];
> >	  ...
> >         delete [] ptr2;
> I hope you meant ptr here.

I don't think so (or at least I hope not). The idea is to increase the size
of the array ptr by one, so I copy to a dummy array, delete ptr and recreate
it with a new, larger size. Then copy the old contents across from the dummy
array and delete it.

I am quite new to this however :)

Chris Jones

"Everybody who believes in psychokinesis, raise my right hand"

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