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How do I find out how to set up a palette (in 256 color mode)? Is there a
section in the docs, or a web page for it?

Shawn Hargreaves wrote:

> bernhardt AT earthlink DOT net writes:
> > 1) I REALLY need some info on the colors in Allegro. I have had to
> > get my colors so far by trial and error. There must be an easier way.
> > Is there an equation for it or something?
> If you are using a truecolor mode, just call the makecol() function
> to specify any color you like. In 256 color modes, you need to set
> a palette to say which 256 colors the graphics hardware should use.
> You could use the builtin desktop_palette, or load one from a bitmap
> file, or generate on in your code. See ex4.c, ex15.c, and ex29.c.
> > 2) The file size is ludicrous!
> Assuming that you've read the relevant sections of the djgpp and
> Allegro FAQ lists and are still not happy, that's just tough.
> Both djgpp and Allegro do a lot of stuff for you, and they can't
> do that without taking up space. Much more space than a stupid
> 16 bit program that doesn't do so many cool things.
>         Shawn Hargreaves.

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