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> std;" line, so I assumed namespaces were implemented.
> So it was quite a disappointment to get the message "sorry not
> implemented: namespace" when I first tried to define my own namespace. I

> c++ [many thanx to all who contributed] was being kept closely up to the
> new ANSI C++ standards ? And is there any sensible guess about WHEN it
> will be implemented?

That is right. And actually GNU C++ is close to the standards. Namespace is
hardly implemented in DJGPP C++ because it is hardly implemented in GNU C++
either. At least at this point. Anyway, look for the egcs compiler in for
example ,
or for the pgc compiler (the pentium variant of egcs) at .
Egcs can handle namespaces, but can cause troubles with STL or exception

I found this and other information by a power search on
with namespace in the subject field and comp.os.msdos.djgpp as forum.

Good luck with egcs.


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