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Subject: Re: Phantom lines debugging within RHIDE
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"Rafael Garcİa" <rafael AT geninfor DOT com> wrote:

> I am trying to step through this code and lines 2 and 3 are skipped with a
> single hit to F8
>    pos=(int)(p-letras);
>    activar=(isupper(*s));
>    if ( activar) fputs("  ",f);
>    if (*s=='B') {
> And I cannot watch the value of variable 'activar': "not available"
> Any idea?

Yes: turn off optimizations ;-) isupper is just a table look-up so the 
compiler will optimize it. 
Also if you insist using -On use -gstabs3 or even -gstabs+ because they 
add some information about optimized variables, but even with that some 
variables stored in register can't be debugged and you'll need to move them 
to static variables

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