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Eli Zaretskii (eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il) wrote:
: Anyway, how about adding such support to the DJGPP port?  If you need
: it for Windows, it's as simple as building it with Libsocket.  This
: way, others could benefit from your work.

	See for the libsocket home page. It
supports the BSD socket calls, so porting should fairly easy. For
instance, I managed to get sitecopy-0.5.1 to compile the other day with
minimal changes.

	If you do successfully port it, please send me a link to it, so
that I can add it to the projects section on the libsocket links page.

	BTW libsocket doesn't support DOS (yet). HTH

         Rich Dawe - 4th-year MSci Physicist @ Bristol University, UK
           richdawe AT bigfoot DOT com,

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