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From: Shawn Hargreaves <ShawnH AT Probe DOT co DOT uk>
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Subject: Re: Help! One dimensional arrays aren't working!
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 10:38:56 +0100
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thethoms <thethoms AT pacbell DOT net> writes:
> while (class[counter]!=-1)
>	{
>	Sample=pow((class[counter]-Mean),2)
                                 (missing semicolon)

>	}
> StdDev=sqrt(Sample/(classnumber-1))
                           (missing semicolon)

> When I compile this program, where ever there is a statement like:
> class[XXXX]
> I receive an error from the compiler:
> Parse error before XXXX

That's because "class" is a C++ keyword. You can't use it for anything
else like a variable or function name. You need to choose a name that 
isn't a reserved word.

> I have had my C++ instructor look at these statements, and she 
> can't seem to find anything wrong.

Hehe. Why is it that computing teachers never seem to know how to
program? :-)

	Shawn Hargreaves.

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