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Subject: Re: namespace not yet implemented?
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On 12 Apr 99, at 21:57, Maarten Jansonius wrote:

> When I first started using djgpp/RHIDE to do my homework for this c++
> course I'm following, I was quite happy with it. It seemed to work
> without any problem. It even accepted the compulsory "using namespace
> std;" line, so I assumed namespaces were implemented.
> So it was quite a disappointment to get the message "sorry not
> implemented: namespace" when I first tried to define my own namespace. I
> used a working (on Mac CodeWarrior 3, that is) sample program to test
> this, but it gave the same message.
> Why is the namespace thing not yet implemented? I thought the GNU  
> c++ [many thanx to all who contributed] was being kept closely up to the
> new ANSI C++ standards ? And is there any sensible guess about WHEN it
> will be implemented? 

I guess that You are using gcc-2.8.1.

I suggest to upgrade upgrade to egcs-1.1.2 if You need namespace support. 
Binaries are in directory v2gnu/egcs in DJGPP distribution

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