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From: ams AT ludd DOT luth DOT se (Martin Str|mberg)
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Subject: Re: DJGPP and Win98
Date: 20 Mar 1999 00:46:35 GMT
Organization: University of Lulea, Sweden
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Boon van der RJ (rjvdboon AT cs DOT vu DOT nl) wrote:
: Martin Str|mberg <ams AT ludd DOT luth DOT se> wrote:
: > I'm using DJGPP without any problems (except the usual WINDOZE
: > hangs). 
: And I use win98 and DJGPP _without_ the usual windoze hangs, just
: don't use any windows programs, it helps ;-) (Only thing I really use
: of win98 is LFNs)

Ehum! What about games? The only reason to use *DOZE (besides DJGPP).

Stina Nordenstam, Memories of a Color,


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