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In article <36f0df92 DOT 54786544 AT news DOT snafu DOT de>,
  horst DOT kraemer AT snafu DOT de (Horst Kraemer) wrote:
> You are relying on unspecified behaviour.
> In general when a stream is at end of file, it is at end of file.

thanks, but I differ.  Since I posted my original message I've had a chance to
look at the MS VC++ 6 documentation and it essentially says the same regarding
ios::clear() as does the DJGPP iostream info -- that is, and I quote from the
DJGPP info docs:

- Method: void ios::clear (iostate STATE)
    Set the state indication for this stream to the argument STATE.
    You may call `ios::clear' with no argument, in which case the state
    is set to `good' (no errors pending).

I think this is a bug in the DJGPP compiler.

BTW, MS VC++ works just fine with the sample code in my original message. 
I've also verified that the sample works as I expect under Linux with the
egcs c++ compiler (version egcs-1.0.3).


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