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rd5718 AT irix DOT bris DOT ac DOT uk (Rich Dawe) wrote:

>zors (blueboy AT geocities DOT com DOT NOSPAM) wrote:
>: > What is it? Your link doesn't give any information.
>: This is a Forward:
>	This still doesn't tell anyone what OpenPTC *actually* is! From
>your post I see it is something available for Win32, Java, but what?

I went to the address he mentions, fooled around a little, and wound
up here:

Which gives this definition of PTC:

"PTC is a graphics standard designed for portable high speed image
manipulation and animation. Unlike other established
graphics standards such as OpenGL and Direct3D it does not provide
primitive drawing routines, instead it provides direct
access to pixel memory so that any type of custom rendering can be

This makes PTC ideal for programmers who either have to or want to
write their own rendering routines. Some examples of
applications where this can apply includes software 2D and 3D
renderers, games, demos, emulators and any other
application that performs custom rendering or pixel manipulation. If
however, all that an application requires is a fast set of
basic rendering primitives, for example a computer game targeting
hardware 3D accelerated platforms, then PTC is not the
best choice. PTC does not, and will not provide this functionality. If
this is what you are looking for then i suggest you take a
look at OpenGL instead."


Peter J. Farley III (pjfarley AT nospam DOT dorsai DOT org OR
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