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Guess what I was doing this very day at work, 
I was writing a program that used the parallel port to 
drive a display assembly consisting of 3 * 6 digit 7 segment 
LCDs and driven by four Hitachi HD44100 chips. the interface on these
chips is alledgedly the same as the HD66100 chips, but the 66100's are
80 registers instead of the 40 in the 44100's

I've used the paralel port for a few other thigs and its realy easy,
It's a good idea to get a separate plug in ISA card with a LPT port on
it, cos then you're less likely to damage your mother board if
something goes disastrousley wrong.

Once I had sorted out which segment was wired to which shift
register(they were all done seemingly at random, and this took half a
day to figure). It was realy easy. If you like, I'll post the code and
the LPT connections I used, but I'm not back at work till Monday, and
I don't have the code here at home.


If you wish to Email or ICQ me, use

kevin AT reality-bytes DOT demon DOT co DOT uk



Can you tell what it is yet?

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