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Subject: Re: How do I get the time and date?
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On 19 Mar 99 at 6:06, Carlos M. Matos wrote:

> Hi!
> First of all let me thank you in advance for all of you who will respond to
> this message.  Thanks to all of you.
> I am writting a program in C++ using djgpp version 2.02.  I need to know how
> to get the time and the date from
> the system.  I am writting a checking account program which keeps track of
> the time and date when a checking transaction has been done.  I will be
> waiting for your response.  I have a dead line to turn in this program by
> this comming monday March 29, 1999 and today is Friday, March 19, 1999.
> Once again thank you for your responce.

This isn't really a djgpp question, it's a general language 
question.  I don't know about C++, but in C you'd use `gmtime' 
or `localtime' to convert the value returned by `time' to a 
readable format.  Here's a copy of the example from the 
documentation of `gmtime':

     time_t x;
     struct tm *t;
     t = gmtime(&t);

On the other hand, if you just want an ASCII representation of 
the time, look up `ctime' and `asctime'.


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