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Michael Powe writes,
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>>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Richards <Paul AT dunvegan1 DOT demon DOT co DOT uk> writes:
>    Paul> Hi, I use DJGPP a lot with Win95 but now I'm using linux.
>    Paul> What do I need to install to get my DJGPP programs to work
>    Paul> in linux?  Is there a different version or something?  And
>    Paul> what about Allegro and RHIDE?
>Djgpp is the WinDOS port of gcc.  Gcc is always included with linux
>distributions.  It's ready to go "out of the box" when you install
Aaaah, I see...

>I believe there is a linux port of RHIDE; but there are many other
>options.  Xwpe, Code Crusader (a knockoff of Code Warrior), and others
>that don't come to mind right now.  Top of the line for my money is
>the emacs-gcc-gdb combo.
So what's the best freeware IDE and where can I get the linux port of
RHIDE?  Is there a special linux port of Allegro too?
Paul Richards (aka. Pauldoo)
EMAIL   paul AT dunvegan1 DOT demon DOT co DOT uk
ICQ#    14106503

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