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Recently installed Rhide(1.4)/Djgpp (2.02)with similar message..noted  a
libstdcxx ..changed the name to libstdcxx ..fixed ..found that the zip that
the Make used (gpp281b) had its output as ..xx instead of the single ....x .
Peter S'heeren wrote in message <36F26DE1 DOT 36E05282 AT pimc DOT be>...
>I get this annoying message when I build a .cc source in RHIDE:
>Error: e:/djgpp/bin/ld.exe: cannot open -lstdcx: No such file or
>directory (ENOENT)
>I have long file name support on (set LFN=Y). There is no libstdcx.a in
>my DJGPP dir tree, only libstdcxx.a. Can anyone tell me how to adjust
>this in RHIDE ?
>Peter S'heeren

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