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Just born that way.
Manni Heumann wrote in message <36f20982 DOT 0 AT news DOT uni-bielefeld DOT de>...
>In article <QqaI2.71$HF4 DOT 225744 AT news DOT bctel DOT net>, "rob_boyd"
<rob_boyd AT bc DOT sympatico DOT ca> wrote:
>>Sorry if I was unclear.
>>I am using the Win98 editor - edit;
>>it has a listing of all the source files( beginner's programs)
>>and the final program files.  For example: helloworld.c
>>The final program files are in what I guess is assembly language but there
>>portions written in English such as the copyright and the message which
>>that the coprocessor is not present and DPMI setup failed.
>Don't worry. These are static strings that get linked in your programs.
>uncompressed exe-file has some of them. This is normal.
>Why are you so nosy anyway? :-)
>Manni Heumann
>Bielefeld, Germany
>Spammers use reply-address,
>all others use:         mheumann AT post DOT uni-bielefeld DOT de

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