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Yes, it is a known problem. It ususally happens when you compile with

If you want to enlarged the stack of the C/C++ compiles, use stubedit. Find
the file called CC1.EXE for C or CC1PLUS.EXE for C++. Stubedit it and change
the stack size (it's not too uncommon to set it over a megabyte). If any
more than 4 megabytes doesn't seem to help, then you may have to break your
source code into several smaller files.


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Edward F. Sowell <sowelled AT home DOT com> wrote in message
news:36F1CA96 DOT 28A0CD3 AT home DOT com...
>I have experienced GPFs when trying to compile files > 1Mb. There is
>no messgae from g++; Windows just reports the GPF and
>the DOS box it is running in is killed.
>I suspect it's running out of stack/heap. Is there a switch
>like th -Zm switch in VC++ that tells it to use a bigger one?
>Is this a known problem?
>Ed Sowell

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