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On 18 Mar 99 at 17:24, Nate Eldredge wrote:

> Alternatively, if you want to leave GCC out of the function entirely,
> you can use `asm' at the top level.  For instance:
> static int bar(void);
> asm("_bar: movl $42, %eax; ret");

Doesn't this create segment problems, i.e. code is meant to be 
in a text segment, data in a data segment?  ISTR running into a 
problem with this once, but it may have been on RSXNTDJ, not 
djgpp.  The problem with just being explicit and forcing it 
with `.code' is that I think gcc might not notice you doing 
this, and so it can't put it back afterwards itself -- so again 
you end up guessing which segment it left it in.

IMHO the safest thing is to put such assembly code in a
separate .S or .s file -- I can't see any real disadvantages
with this, but maybe wiser people can or I'm worrying about


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