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On 18 Mar 99 at 17:45, Martin Str|mberg wrote:

> Clark L. Coleman (clc5q AT cobra DOT cs DOT Virginia DOT EDU) wrote:
> : Your were given a bad mnemonic: "setc" is actually "stc".
> : 
> : asm volatile("clc");  /* clears (sets to 0) the carry flag */
> : asm volatile("cmc");  /* complements (inverts) the carry flag */
> : asm volatile("stc");  /* sets (to 1) the carry flag */
> Ahh! Thanks!
> Perhaps somebody can inform me on the difference (if there is one)
> between "cmpl $1, %eax" and "testl $1, %eax". It sounds to me like
> they do the same thing, so I think I'm missing something...

`cmp' does a `sub' without storing the result.  `test' does a 
`and' without storing the result.

In effect, `cmp' compares the whole of the operands, while 
`test' just checks whether any of the bits set in the first 
operand are also set in the second.


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