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hello everybody,

  i was using gprof for the first time today , and it had information
regarding a function.. mcount.  also, this function was given an index
number using (), rather than [].  it certainly isn't a function that i
called.. issit called by the libc routines?

  anyway apart from that mystery, gprof really helped!  it showed me how
stupid i was in writing a program that called feof() hundreds of
thousands of times, when i could keep track of that using the return
value of the I/O functions.. silly me!
  i ended up cutting the run-time in half, after realising that i had
stupidly used a linear searching method.  so yeah, all in all gprof is a
great utility.

just curious,
daniel :)

PS:  oh one other thing.. my program spends over 40% of its time in
     do the stdio functions use software interrupts??  [my program is
I/O heavy]

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