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DJ Delorie <dj AT delorie DOT com> wrote:

> > Would it really be hard to have each package stored in more than one
> > format, such as a regular gzip'd/bzip2'd tarball for Linuxians, a
> > PkZip-compatible .zip for Microsoftians, etc.?
> First off, I don't produce *every* zip in djgpp.  Many are contributed
> by others.
> Second, djgpp is currently (quick typing) 288Mb.  Supporting multiple
> formats is NOT an option, just because of disk space.
> The only format I'd consider switching to is .tar.gz, which djtar can
> unpack, but even then we'd have to provide a 16-bit version of djtar
> that supports LFNs, 

Why a 16 bits version? There are a gzip uncompressor for 16 bits and tar 
unpacker too, people having a 286 and wanting to unpack something can use it. 
People with a 386 can use djtar. Windows fanatic uses WinZip and it supports 

> since tgz isn't a standard format in dos/windows.

Is slowly becoming an standard for Win32 because WinZip supports it. I saw at 
least one thing switching from .zip to .tar.gz because of this.
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