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Subject: Re: RHIDE on Linux problem !!!!!
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Nate Eldredge <nate AT cartsys DOT com> wrote:

> Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET) wrote:
> > 
> > Pollini Andrea <nelson AT numerica DOT it> wrote:
> > 
> > > I am running RHIDE for Linux and i have a strange problem.
> > > When i try to debug my program ( pressing F7 ) , RHIDE tell me he can't
> > > find strncmp.c or something else .
> > > Why ?????
> > 
> > Are you using strncmp? is when you step over a line that contains an strncmp
> > call? If yes then that's because you have debug information in your libc,
> > perhaps you installed a development version of the library with debug
> > information and you are linking your program with it. But it sounds very
> > strange, in distributions like Debian libraries with debug information have
> > special names, for example libXXX_g.a instead of (note: they are
> > usually static versions).
> Functions loaded from the shared libraries are handled by a process that
> IIRC involves strncmp.  I suspect the way to handle it is to use `next'
> whenever possible.

So then he *is* using a libc with debug information, or at least the dynamic 
loader library. I debugged inside the dynamic loader library, but using the 
Disassembler Window of RHIDE (was needed to find a bug in gcc that 
made the dynamic Turbo Vision for Linux crash).
Additionally: at least in my system the dynamic loader doesn't call libc at 
all so then is using some inline version of strncmp or was just removed in 
glibc (wich I use).

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