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In article <7crlk8$57p$1 AT newsreader3 DOT core DOT theplanet DOT net>, "Andy Kilner" <andy AT kilner DOT karoo DOT co DOT uk> wrote:

>Error: invalid types 'screen_ch[char]' for array subscript

I guess this applies to the next line:

>screen_ch* buffer = new screen_ch [ window.Area() ];

>I probably over complicated the info I've given but I'm just trying to make
>sure everything's there.

Well, either I have real trouble with my eyes or you didn't make sure: Who is 
window? What is Area().
I guess Area() returns char. Did you try casting it to int: 

..= new screen_ch [(int) window.Area()]; ?

Manni Heumann
Bielefeld, Germany

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