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On Sat, 6 Mar 1999, pcgamesmaster AT hotmail DOT com wrote:

> Shutting down Allegro
> Exiting due to signal SIGFPE
> Floating Point exception at eip=0000ea5f
> eax=00000c7e ebx=00092808 ecx=00092804 edx=00000c7e esi=ff9a4ef4
> edi=ff9a4eac
> ebp=00000000 esp=ff9a4d74 program=C:\BIN\A.EXE
See?  Your stack is blown, probably by some code that overwrote the stack 
frame.  Popular reasons for this include: writing beyond the end of an 
array, or passing incorrect arguments to functions (like passing an int 
to a function that expects a double).

See section 12.2 of the DJGPP FAQ list (v2/ from the same 
place you get DJGPP), for more explanations about these problems.  That 
section also explains how to begin debugging your problem using the info 
printed when the program crashed.

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