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Joe Wright <conserv3 AT infi DOT net> wrote in message
news:36E1E102 DOT 2205 AT infi DOT net...
>Paganini wrote:
>> I did a little more research, and I wasn't too far off...this is what
>> with DJGPP, and it is correct according to the standard...
>> #include <string>
>> ...
>> getline(<stream>, <string_var>);
>> ...
>Guess again.  There is no header <string> and there is no function
>To get a text 'line' from a given stream, fgets() is usually the
>Standard function of choice.  It is declared in stdio.h and does all the
>'right' things.

I don't need to guess again...there certainly is a header <string> and a
function getline...I suggest that you are still programming in
the C++ language extension.

Paganini <Nathan E. Banks>
MOOk, the Great High Llama
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