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Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 13:37:51 +0200 (IST)
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Subject: Re: memory allocation problem
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On 5 Mar 1999, v. straka wrote:

>    mapping.address = 0xDE000000;
>    mapping.size = 0xFFFFFF;
>    __dpmi_physical_address_mapping(&mapping)
>    // ... code removed ...  ( creating selector on mapping address and name
> it msel )
>    movedata(msel,0,screenSelector,0,640*480);
>    this code crashed, but if i set mapping.address smaller ie.
> 640*480,640*480*2 etc. it's ok

What device are you trying to map?  Is it indeed mapped to physical
address 0xDE000000?  (It sounds awfully big for a VGA.)

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