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Subject: Re: Announcing Allegro 3.11
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Shawn Hargreaves wrote:
> > Partly it just looked ugly if it got truncated to changelo, but the
> > real problem came when people tried to apply a patch to upgrade their
> > Allegro version.
> You could simply omit ChageLog from the patches, they aren't needed
> anyway.
> Just a suggestion, of course ;-)

IMHO, it's cleaner when applying a patch gives *exactly* the same result
as the full source.  If I had got a patch to Allegro instead of a new
zip, and I wanted to look at the changelog, I'd get confused.

Besides, some people (e.g. me) like to read patches to find out what
changes, and the changelog is an integral part of that.

Nate Eldredge
nate AT cartsys DOT com

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