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Date: Mon, 1 Mar 99 12:43:57 PDT
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Posted: Mar 1 12:16 1999 EST (Mar 1 20:16 ZULU)
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Subject: DJGPP Ma v3.77 recursion bug
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I am having a problem getting the DJGPP port of GNU Make 3.77 to work
recursively. Note that I've tried my makefile on a Linux port of GNU
Make 3.77 and it appears to work properly, so that is why I suspect a
problem in the DJGPP port. Also the CYGWIN v3.75 port seems to work OK.

I have a rule in a makefile in the root directory called R.
I have a rule in a makefile in a subdirectory called S.
R depends upon S
I type make at the root directory prompt
When it makes R, make properly changes directories to the subdirectory
Make tells me it went into the subdirectory
Make executes rule S
Make tells me it went back to the root directory (**I think its lying**)
Make executes rule R
Make complains it can't find a file needed for rule R
Make exits
I have a root directory prompt

I think make is erroneously finishing executing rule R in the subdirectory,
instead of the root directory, because I found rule R's partial target file
in the subdirectory instead of the root directory. The reason why make
can't find the file it needs is that it is still in the subdirectory.

	Thought you'd like to know ........ Dan Nygren


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