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Hi, Ringo, 
I'm only a beginer withe Allegro, but this is fairly simple, It sets
the graphics to 640 * 400 * 8bpp and then draws a bitmap of a circle,
then the bitmap of the circle moves from the bottom right of the
screen to the top left,  

#include "allegro.h"

int main()
    allegro_init();        // Start the Allegro Graphics Library.
    set_gfx_mode(GFX_AUTODETECT, 640, 480, 0, 0);
    BITMAP *buffer = create_bitmap(640, 480);// Create buffer.
    BITMAP *ball = create_bitmap(51,51);   // Create a sprite bitmap.
    circle(ball, 25,25,25,15);  // Put something on the sprite bitmap.
    int i = 429;
	// blit the sprite on to the back buffer.
    	blit(ball, buffer, 0,0, i,i--, 51,51);  
        if(i < 1)      // If the sprite is at top of screen -
          i = 429;     // move it back to the bottom.

       	vsync();       // Wait for vertical retrace.
	// Blit the back buffer on to the screen.
       	blit(buffer, screen, 0,0, 0,0, 640,480); 
    allegro_exit();	// Shutdown the Allegro Graphics Library.
    return 0;			// And terminate.


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