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Subject: Re: VESA 1.2 Again.. And also an array of pointers
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The Beyonder wrote:

> But first I need to learn how to create an array of
> pointers (dynamic array).  Is it done like this:
> long int *alpha = (long int *) malloc( number );
> alpha[x] = (long int *) address;
> I seriously think that this is wrong, how do I do it this?

long int** alpha = (long int **) malloc(number_of_expected_pointers);
alpha[x] = (long int *) address;

    With a single '*', you are only making an array of 'long int's.  The
second '*' makes it an array of integer pointers.  Remember, each entry in
that array (each alpha[x]) will have to be individually initialized:
for(int x=0; x<number_of_expected_pointers; x++)
 alpha[x] = (long int*) malloc(size_of_this_array);

PS:  In DJGPP "long int" is the same as "int".  Their both 32-bits.

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