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The Raven wrote:

> I've been trying to do network programming in a Windows/Dos. Previously I
> was doing it in Linux and it was pretty easy since all the needed files are
> already in the correct place.
> How do I do network programming in DJGPP ? I tried RSXNT but I couldn't get
> it to work properly........
> could someone pls:
> 1) guide me to setting up RSXNT coz the help file isn't very helpful to me.
> or / and (would be nice....:-))
> 2) Advice me on an easier way to get network programming done on DJGPP.
> (i.e - how to get and what to do with the required files such as Winsock.h
> and so on.....)

There is a BSD Socket library for DJGPP.  It is in the v2tk directory and it is
called lsck*.zip where "*" is the version number.

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