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>> gcc    -Xlinker -s  -o a.exe  source1.o source2.o source3.o source4.o
>> [...skip...] source20.o  -lalleg -lstdcx
>> then reports: " Error: d:/djgpp/bin\ld.exe: cannot open -lalle: No such
>> or directory".
>You have some mix-up of executables from different DJGPP versions.
>See section 16.6 of the DJGPP FAQ list (v2/ from the same
>place you get DJGPP) for more on this.

I replaced bnu252b to bnu27b and now versions of all executables are 2.7

Now Rhide have started reporting another error:

Error: D:\DJGPP\BIN/gcc.exe: cannot open -lalleg: File in wrong format

There are no errors when I execute make from command line. This error also
depends command-line length. It occures only when command-line is longer
than 126. And only in Rhide.

I removed DJGPP fully and reinstalled it with binutils 2.7. I believe I have
no versions mix-up now.

bnu27b GNU binutils 2.7 for DJGPP V2
djdev201 Development Kit and Runtime
gcc272b GNU GCC 2.7.2 for DJGPP V2
gpp272b GNU G++ 2.7.2 for DJGPP V2 (no libs)
mak3761b GNU Make 3.76.1 binaries for DJGPP V2
lgp271b GNU libg++ 2.7.1 for DJGPP V2
rhide14b Version 1.4 \(binaries\)

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