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Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 11:24:14 +0200 (IST)
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Subject: Re: Linear frame buffer size
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On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, XtReMe wrote:

>     if (!__dpmi_set_segment_limit (VESASelector, VESAPhysical.size))
>         return 5;
>     return 0;
> }
> It all works fine, except for __dpmi_set_segment_limit (). When the
> frame buffer gets real big, like 640 * 480 * 24 bpp or 1024 * 786 * 16,
> I get __dpmi_error 8, which is the DOS error : Not enough memory.
> But I have a 4 MB video card and it sets the mode correctly without any

First, the limit should be size-1, not size.  Second, for sizes larger
than 1MB the size must be a multiple of 4KB (this is not your case,
but your code doesn't test for this at all).

This is all explained in section 18.7 of the FAQ, btw.

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