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In article <s3qC2.2209$la2 DOT 3669 AT newsfeeds DOT bigpond DOT com>, "Johan Venter (aka sphinX)" <jventer AT writeme DOT com> wrote:
>>a known bug in allegro is that downloading the allegro source code
>>and trying to run the examples without building the library results
>>in the error message.
>Are you serious?

No, he isn't.
>>a bug with djgpp is that it allows "/" in place of "\".
>>a bug with the alphabet is how the letter 'l' as in 'ld.ex' looks like
>>'i' in 'id.exe'.
>Again, are you serious?

Again, No.
>None of these are bugs, but, in fact features with specific roles.
>Forgive me for not seeing the humour if this was supposed to be
>a funny post :-)

Well, it made ME laugh.

Manni Heumann
Bielefeld, Germany

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