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On Fri, 26 Feb 1999 19:33:52 -0500, david sharp <dsharp AT interport DOT net>

>LogosAZ wrote:
>> I downloaded the allegro library and am trying to run the loading a pcx
>> example but everytime I run it this is what happens: First, it compiles
>> fine, but then when it is going to be executed RHIDE says --- Error: c:/djgpp
>> /bin\id.exe cannot open - Lalleg : No such file or directory (ENOENT)
>a known bug in allegro is that downloading the allegro source code 
>and trying to run the examples without building the library results 
>in the error message.
>in fact you need to *build* the library first.
>apparently old man hargreaves knows about this bug since right there in
>documentation he gives detailed instructions on how to build the 
>allegro library from the source code.

Here's the 'workaround' for that problem.  Just type 'make' (without
the ') in the Allegro directory.

>> Why is it saying  "c:/" when the "/" is not used in dos? What could be the
>> problem? I don't even have a file on my computer named "id.exe" (I searched)
>> Please help!!!
>a bug with djgpp is that it allows "/" in place of "\".
>a bug with the alphabet is how the letter 'l' as in 'ld.ex' looks like
>'i' in 'id.exe'.
>my first suggestion is to complain to those actually responsible for

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