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Subject: Re: missing socket.h?
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Angel Ryan wrote:
> I know this question was asked before from the look of the mail archive
> on the website, but is there anywhere to get this file?

Why do you need it?  If your program doesn't include it, but GCC
complains about it anyway, it's due to a bug in one of the C++ headers. 
Edit lang/cxx/_G_config.h and change the line reading

#define _G_HAVE_SYS_SOCKET 1

Change the 1 to a 0.

If the source does include it, it's trying to use networking stuff
that's not native to DJGPP.  There are, however, some libraries on
Simtelnet that provide this functionality via Windows' networking

Nate Eldredge
nate AT cartsys DOT com

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